Under The Silver Moon


[This is a song: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN]

I went to the evergreen

I asked him why he looked so lonely

He said The curse is weighing heavy on me.

When I saw his boughs again

They were gray as western skies over Washington

And I could hear the wind blow through him.

[the wind howls]

So I went to the beaver’s dam

He was trying to fill the gap between the shores

But every time he patched a leak, there were three more.

And so I began to tease

But then he looked at me and I could see he was smart

He said You’ve got more holes in your heart.

[the teaser howls]

I went to the wolf pack

They tore the clothes right off my back, oh no.

They said You run with us, you’re gonna pay it through the nose

And when the snow is on the ground

We gotta eat our friends and that’s just the way it goes

And we only cry when the moon glows.

[the wolf howls and howls]

I was lost in the pourin’ rain

I was runnin’ with fur and fangs

But I knew

If I could not find my way home soon…

I would die like an evergreen, under the silver moon.


But then I met a friendly dove

He said Grace is not a place you can fall from.

And we’ve all done terrible things just to feel loved.

He said There are no strangers here

And we’ve all got broken teeth from our wolf years

You can lay your cards face up without fear.

[I howl]

I howl and howl Hallelujah

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