Young Ones

I see these young ones with their sharp minds

And subtle words

I guess you could say I’m a young one too, I’m just a few

Backward steps ahead of you

But the older I get the less I want to say what life is

And the more I see the mystery in the truth

So come on you young guns with your

Wider eyes and sharper tongues, do your worst

We are the young ones and we’ve got time

To make things worse

I’ve wasted more minutes of my life

To prove I’m right

But they did not satisfy

And the air we breathe can make you think

We belong here

But even the strongest lungs get left behind

So come on you young ones with your

Dry lips and sweet soul songs,

Don’t quench your thirst

Cause I’ve made more than my share of mistakes

But maybe that’s what it takes

To break the curse

Cause the proverbs that mean the most

They tend to pass through you like a ghost

And maybe I’m just a cynic

A little more foolish than most, I know

My heart’s made of coal

but I swear if you light it up it’ll glow.

It’ll glow. It’ll glow.


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